The "starving artist" is a harmful myth. It is possible for you, as a creative entrepreneur, to be fulfilled personally, financially, and creatively in your field.


If you have a clear sense of purpose within your business, you can craft goals that will allow your business to truly meet your needs.


With focus, clear goals, and a concrete plan of action, every creative can craft a life and a business that brings them joy.


a source of hope, ideas, and possibility for creative entrepreneurs who want more from their businesses than constant hustle and a mindset of scarcity. You can build a creative business that meets your needs, and I'm excited to help you get there.


 a lifelong creative entrepreneur. My experiences in various creative industries have shown me that too many of my peers buy into the harmful myth of the starving artist. They believe "feast or famine" is the natural side effect of owning a creative small business. I believe that if you, a creative entrepreneur, have clear business goals, you can be financially successful without sacrificing personal and creative fulfillment. 

You can get what you need from your creative business if you...

  • stop thinking like a scarcity-minded freelancer and start operating from a place of abundance,
  • start planning for your business like a CEO,
  • start prioritizing your business tasks according to your personal values,
  • start focusing on self-care to nurture your creative energy, and
  • start strategizing for asynchronous income.

Escaping the feast or famine cycle is possible. A thriving creative business is just a few steps away. I can't wait to see you kick your starving artist to the curb. 

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The growth-focused models of traditional entrepreneurial coaches don't work for creative entrepreneurs. When the product you are selling is your creative energy, you need a different entrepreneurial blueprint. 

The scarcity mindset will run you (and your creative business) into the ground. Shifting your perspective to one of abundance will allow you to think creatively and to find solutions that help you and your business to grow.