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Too many creative entrepreneurs live life as "starving artists,"

navigating endless "feast or famine" cycles in their business. Even creative entrepreneurs with financially successful businesses often feel exhausted by long work hours or burnt out from the constant drain on their creative energy. 

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You can build a successful business in your creative industry. You don't have to be a "starving artist" any longer! 

Every creative entrepreneur (you included!) deserves a business that fulfills you holistically: personally, creatively, and financially. 

The Thriving Artists Academy is an online learning community where artists and creatives can learn and grow together, walking alongside each other as we build creative businesses that work.


The Thriving Artists Academy

An online learning community where we can all thrive together

Creative entrepreneurs, even those in different creative industries, have so much to learn from one another! Entrepreneurship concepts that help visual artists and musicians can benefit actors and artisans, and vice versa. The Thriving Artists Academy allows you to learn from your creative colleagues by participating in collaborative coaching and learning opportunities, where you can grow your creative business alongside your peers. 

No man is an island, and no creative entrepreneur is an island. The Thriving Artists Academy is the perfect opportunity to teach your creative colleagues what works for you and to learn from what works for them.

The Thriving Artists Academy can help.

As a member of the Thriving Artists Academy, you work with Jennifer and with other Academy members so that you can:

  • Expand your understanding of what is possible for you and your creative business so that you can achieve your full potential,
  • Develop a realistic and practical set of goals that will allow you to make your dreams a reality,¬†and
  • Take the action steps that are right for you and your business so that your business truly meets your needs: personally, creatively, and financially.

It's time to cast off the "starving artist" and take ownership of your true identity as a thriving creative entrepreneur. We can do it, together.

Thriving Artists Academy Key Principles:

Know Your Why

Together, we'll do the self-reflection necessary to uncover the true meaning and purpose behind your creative work, allowing you to determine the right next steps for your unique creative businesses.

Mold Your Mindset

Your beliefs about what is possible for you and your business will determine how your business grows. We'll do the focused mindset work you need to truly believe, deep down, that you can be a thriving creative entrepreneur.

Prioritize Your Life

A creative business doesn't work if it doesn't support the personal needs of the artist behind it. We'll work to ensure that your business supports and serves you as a whole person.

Set Your Strategy

You get what you plan for, so it's time to plan for success and fulfillment from your business! We will collectively share our experience of what works (and what doesn't) to help you craft a strategic plan to get you and your business where you want to go.

Focus Your Actions

Figuring out what processes and procedures best support you and your unique creative work is easier said than done. We'll work together to help you establish daily, weekly, and monthly actions and habits that truly support you and your goals.

Meet Your Needs

It is possible for you to build a business that meets your needs: personally, creatively, and financially. Together, we will chart the path forward for you to build a creative business that works.

Gail Shalan:

Voice Artist, Actor, & Puppeteer

"Jennifer has been instrumental in my ability to transform my creative passions, talents, and training into a thriving and sustainable business. As a multi-talented artist herself, she really understands how to communicate with and inspire creatives to build a model that is incredibly functional in practice yet is born out of the unique needs we each have as solopreneur creatives — helping to craft a business model that supports our creative endeavors, our practical needs, and our personal lives. This balancing act has always seemed so unattainable to me until I started working with Starving Artist No More. Now, my business, my art, my life all really feels like it’s mine and it’s by my own design— Jennifer has helped me take ownership of and find enthusiasm for (and even pride in) running my own creative business!"

Gina Rogers:

Audiobook Narrator

"I have been a creative entrepreneur for about 20 years and have always struggled to nail down the “business” side of my business. Since I’ve known Jennifer, I’ve been in awe of her career, and so was elated to hear she would be sharing her expertise and experiences! Jenn has always been a mentor and open to helping others."

Is the Thriving Artists Academy right for you?

Are you a creative entrepreneur who is searching for a way to stop "starving" and start thriving in your creative endeavors? Are you seeking ways to grow your creative business without working 24/7? Are you struggling to juggle multiple creative pursuits and want to find a solution that doesn't lead to burnout? Are you working to silence your inner critic who is telling you that you won't ever be anything more than a starving artist?

If so, then the Thriving Artists Academy is for you!

This community of creative entrepreneurs will share, grow, learn, and ultimately thrive together as we each work to build a creative business that works and that meets our needs holistically: personally, creatively, and financially.

Brenda Scott Wlazlo:

Actor & Audiobook Narrator

"Jennifer's coaching is a game-changer! Like many artists, I have a lot of education and experience in creating my product and very little in doing business to support it. Because of Jennifer's background and expertise, she immediately helped me build a framework for my business approach and helped me identify clear and approachable steps I can take to increase my income and the quality of projects I'm hired for. Her exercises gave me a clear insight into what works for my business and where I should focus my attention to grow. I can't recommend her enough!"

Tina Wolstencroft:

Audiobook Narrator

"It’s been really challenging for me to both figure out what fulfills me creatively and then also build a strategy to fulfill me financially in the constant hustle and bustle of life. After my first session with Jennifer, she has helped me to discover what truly sparks the most joy in my work and which tools can help motivate me to be more thoughtful, find confidence, and feel empowered when making decisions about my business. Her experience, attentiveness, and guidance has been very comforting to me while I tune-in to what I truly enjoy doing, make my vision board a reality, and what I need to better take control of my business by putting on my freaking bossy pants."

Lindsey Dorcus:

Actor & Audiobook Narrator

"Jennifer brings a unique perspective and set of skills to her coaching sessions.  She is truly both a skilled artist and a brilliant businessperson.  I've been working as a freelance artist in one form or another for over 12 years, and in just a few hours Jennifer was able to give me new, valuable insights into my business.  I left her session feeling inspired, and with practical, tangible steps to take my work to the next level.  I highly recommend her coaching to any creative entrepreneurs who are trying to evaluate, grow, or find greater fulfillment in their careers."

The Details

Cost: Membership in the Thriving Artists Academy is available for $197 annually. 

As part of the Thriving Artists Academy, you'll gain: 

  • Membership in the Thriving Artists Academy Community, a supportive and welcoming online forum where you can get the encouragement and strategy help you need to thrive in your creative work,¬†
  • The ability to participate in monthly¬†Thriving Artists Academy Classes and Chats¬†(available both live and via recordings), when you can get your specific questions answered and grow in your business knowledge,¬†
  • Immediate access to the video library of all past Thriving Artists Academy Classes and Chats, and
  • The ability to participate in the Thriving Artists Academy Book Club, where you can learn and discuss new entrepreneurship concepts alongside your creative colleagues.
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