005: The Time & Income Connection (Episode 1 in the 4-Part "Time & Income" Series)

Season #1

**Episode 1 of 4 in the Time & Income Series**

If you are a creative entrepreneur, your time is the product you are selling. Automating, systematizing, outsourcing, and hiring will only get you so far. When someone hires me to play a concert, there is no getting around the need for ME (not someone else) to spend time practicing and rehearsing and performing. If a publisher hires me to narrate an audiobook, they expect to hear MY voice on the files I submit, meaning I have to be the one sitting in front of the mic, putting in the hours to record that audiobook. Time and income are directly related for creative entrepreneurs. But once you have sold all of the time that you can reasonably sell, how do you keep your business growing? How can you increase your income? We’re going to dig into that conundrum today. 

In this episode, you will learn

  • Why time & income are connected for creative entrepreneurs, and what practical implications that has for your work and your business.
  • How Paying Yourself First can help your business income be a well-managed resource, meaning you'll feel like you have more money.
  • Why you should focus your work in your Creative & Financial Sweet Spot, and how that will gradually increase your income.
  • What Asynchronous Income  is, and how it can be a game-changer for creative entrepreneurs. 

This is the first episode in the 4-part Time & Income Series. The next three episodes in the series will be released over the coming three weeks, with new episodes released every Tuesday. 

In this episode, I reference Cal Newport's excellent book Deep Work.

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