017: What You Can Control

Season #1

What can you control in your business? You may hear me ask that question and have an instant, knee-jerk reaction. “I’m a solopreneur. I do everything in my creative business. I control it all!” Or maybe you have some people working with you, but you’re still the driving force behind your business, so your reaction is more along the lines of, “I may not have my hands in every single project at every moment of every day, but that doesn’t mean I’m not in charge. I control everything!” Not so fast. There’s actually a lot you can’t control in your business. You can't control whether or not you actually win an audition, but you can control if you submit an audition that is your best work. You can't control whether a certain casting director or personnel manager hires you, but you can control when/how you reach out to them so that you're top of mind as they're hiring. You can't control whether you get reviewed by an industry publication, but you can control whether you've reached out to the editorial department and submitted your best recent projects for consideration for a review. There’s a lot you can’t control within your creative business, so let’s make sure that you’re focusing on the things you can control. In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to determine whether or not you have ultimate control and responsibility over a certain area of your business.
  • Why knowing what you can control is essential to developing a workable strategy for your business.
  • Why focusing on what you can control will improve your mindset about your creative work.

In this episode, I mention Starving & Panicked No More: Business Strategy and Text Breakdown for the Thriving Actor, my upcoming in-person workshop in New York City on March 26, 2023. If you'd like information about this event, visit my website for all the details.

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