020: Getting More Done

Season #1

How do you use your time? During your work days, are you efficient and focused with your time? Time is one of our most precious and most finite resources. As artist business owners who sell our time and creativity energy, time is incredibly valuable to us. So how can you use your time effectively? Are there strategies that can help you get more done, without adding stress and overwhelm to your creative work? Today, we’re going to figure that out. We’re going to dive into strategies you can use to get more done. In this episode you will learn:

  • What effectiveness and efficiency mean in terms of your creative work.
  • How to evaluate your current processes within your craft to find ways that you can improve.
  • What it means to work within your “best” hours, and how to figure out what those hours are.
  • Why you need to “eat your frog” every day.
  • How batching your non-creative tasks can help you within your creative work.
  • Why giving yourself less time to complete a project might actually help you to get it done better.
  • What mindset questions are important to consider as you think about your creative productivity.

In this episode, I reference Paul Graham's article about the difference between Maker and Manager Time.

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