045: Your Personal Definition of Success

Season #2

When you picture someone who is a successful artist or creative, what image does that bring to your mind? Perhaps someone who has won lots of competitions or awards in your creative industry. Perhaps someone who is very prolific in their artistry, so you see their work all over the place. Perhaps it’s someone who takes on really high profile projects, performing with the best ensembles or working with well-known clients or having their work profiled in The New York Times or People Magazine. Exactly what those external success markers look like varies a bit from one creative industry to another, but they are all exactly that: external indicators of what our culture has deemed success.

On the other hand, what if you envision yourself as successful? What image does that bring to mind?

So many artists I work with come to me with the idea that I’ll help them achieve some of those external indicators of success, but that’s not actually where fulfillment lies for any artist. You can have all of those external success markers, and even more, and not be fulfilled by your creative work. And like I always say, I am all about helping you build a creative business that meets your needs, that fulfills you holistically. Not a business that meets someone else’s needs, or that meets the needs of a generic description of success, but your needs. Success is a very personal thing. It is not a blanket descriptor or a general state of being. Success is a state of being that is particular to each individual. In today’s podcast episode, we’re going to discuss your personal definition of success.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why I don’t often use the word “success.”
  • How to think about our culture’s idea of success, versus what success means for us as individuals.
  • What questions to ask as you do the internal thought work necessary to decide what success means for you.
  • How to figure out a strategy that will make that individual dream of success your reality.
  • What role action plays in helping you achieve success.
  • Why celebrating milestones is vital to your experience of success.

In this episode, I mention the upcoming free Dream Big workshop I am hosting on December 5, 2023. You can learn more about this free goal-setting workshop for creative entrepreneurs on the events page of my website, www.StarvingArtistNoMore.com/events.

In this episode, I mention the dictionary definition of "success," courtesy of Merriam-Webster. I also quote from the book From Individual to Empire by Laura Bull, which I highly recommend (and which we're going to study in 2024 in my new Thriving Artists Academy Book Club), and I mention Shawn Achor's TED talk on happiness. I also refer to one past episode of this podcast: 010: What You Need From Your Business

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