035: Priorities

Season #1

The life of a creative entrepreneur is a busy one. There is a lot on your plate on any given day! You need to do the creative, artistic work that your business is built on. But you also need to reply to emails, manage your marketing, handle your business finances, and deal with project management tasks. Like I said, it’s a lot! In that mess of tasks in front of you, how do you figure out what is most important for you to do right now, today, this week? How can you set daily, weekly, and monthly priorities within your creative work so that you know that the most important tasks are always getting done first? 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What an Eisenhower matrix is and how to use it to determine what tasks on your to-do list are both important and urgent.
  • How to determine your MITs (Most Important Things) for each work day and week.
  • Why identifying your natural rhythm can help you create a work schedule that fits you perfectly.
  • How to prioritize tasks according to the impact that they will have on the future of your creative business.
  • Why you get what you schedule, and how to use that fact to your advantage.
  • What the concept of $10,000 per hour tasks can teach you about how to structure your time.

In this episode, I discuss a daily mantra I use to help me prioritize myself within my creative work. You can access the coloring page version of this mantra here. I review the idea of $10,000 per hour tasks within a business, a concept that was first introduced by author and game developer Steve Pavlina and more recently made popular by Khe Hy of Rad Reads

I also refer to two previous episodes of this podcast:

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