016: The Six Components of a Thriving Creative Business

Season #1

What are the components that make up a thriving creative business? If you listen to business coaches who are working and teaching in the non-creative business spaces, you’ll frequently hear discussions about the components of a successful business, things like providing value to customers, hiring great employees, understanding the market, employing sound financial management, et cetera et cetera. And those business coaches are correct. For a traditional business, those things are incredibly important. But what about a creative business? Do the components needed for flourishing change at all when the business in question is an artistic business, one in which the product being sold by the business is the creative work of the artist running that business? What components do creative businesses need to grow and thrive? That’s the question we’re going to answer today. In this episode, you will learn:

  • What six components thriving creative businesses share in common.
  • How to implement those six components within your creative business.
  • Why establishing supportive habits will free you to do your best creative work.
  • What role the financial aspects of your business play in helping your creative business thrive overall.
  • How these six components can help you maintain a steady income in your business, getting you off the “feast or famine” roller coaster.

In this episode, I reference the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definitions of systematized, marketing, and networking. I also reference this Vanity Fair article, in which US President Barak Obama talks about what he does to reduce his decision fatigue. 

In addition, I reference several previous episodes of this podcast: 

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