043: AI and Art

Season #2

Last week’s podcast episode was all about how to think about change in our creative work. Change is inevitable in life, so we may as well find ways to think about it positively. After all, in many ways, when we think about it from a mindset of joy and abundance, change can be really beautiful! But what about change that has the potential to be incredibly destructive to your work and your way of life? How can you find positive ways of viewing that kind of change? Often, finding a silver lining in that kind of change feels impossible. And that predicament is exactly where a lot of creatives are finding themselves right now as we collectively, as a society, grapple with what the existence of generative artificial intelligence is going to mean for us over the short and long terms. In today’s podcast episode, we’re going to dig into AI and art.

  • Why the existence of generative AI will almost certainly change the way we, as artists, live and work.
  • What we can learn from history about how disruptive technologies have changed the nature of work in the past.
  • How AI-triggered changes today and in the coming years might impact our creative work going forward.
  • What we can do to ensure that we are still able to do artistic work that we love.
  • Why our mindset as we think about the impact of AI will determine whether or not our creative businesses thrive through the coming challenges.
  • How broadening our definition of what we do as artists can help us find our audience.
  • Why ongoing growth of our artistic skills is essential for artists who want to flourish through the coming changes in our creative industries.

In this episode, I mention the upcoming free Dream Big workshop I am hosting on December 5, 2023. You can learn more about this free goal-setting workshop for creative entrepreneurs on the events page of my website, www.StarvingArtistNoMore.com/events.

In this episode, I mention a recent Reddit post by author John Bierce about his perspective on AI audiobook narration, and Arturo (who is my special guest for this podcast episode) refers to the book The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil. If you're interested in learning more about futurism, you can read about it on Wikipedia.

In our conversation, we also mention two previous episodes of this podcast:

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